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**REVIEW** The Downs by Julie Anne Nelson

In The Wild Wood, Cecily Daye discovered who she was, embraced the trials she was born to endure, and emerged with a power unrivaled in the world. The moment Cecily came into her true power, the world changed. Every living being felt the surge, the awakening of a power that could destroy all life. Both friends and enemies look upon her with suspicion and wonder if she will use her power for justice instead of treachery. As beings—men, mystics, and monsters—scramble for more power to offset the limitless will of Cecily Daye, one force—the Source—understands the mistake of her birth, the mistake that can be undone. While her friends and boyfriend battle the horrors awakened by her existence, Cecily stands alone facing the Source. But Cecily's greatest foe is the question she holds deep within her heart: should she even be allowed to exist? Enter The Downs.

Release Date:  November 28, 2012
Published By:  Young Mountain Publishing
Review Copy: Paperback, 328 pages
*provided in turn for honest review


  Starting this novel I was excited because I knew that I would once again be thrust into Nelson's beautiful writing.  I was not disappointed and found myself invested in this book just ask much as The Wild Wood.  Both the world and the characters have been further fleshed out and this only added to my love for most of them.  Also turns out that there are many secrets being held, hidden and the odd one that even the person themselves never knew about.

  The Downs kind of replays the end of The Wild Wood to start, but from Morgan's POV.  It also shows that the sacrifices the girls have made so far are only the start of their journey.  Leaving the families they love and the life that was never kind to them they each have more to loose and more to gain than they could have ever imagined.  I couldn't believe the amount of things these girls were going through and how united and divided they were becoming.  Though I will admit that when it came down to it despite the differences and struggles they banded together.

  The main character from The Wild Wood, Cecily is not nearly as prominent in this book but there are strong reasons behind that.  No the girls that took over in this one were Morgan (who I love but learned a lot about) and Stephanie (who I am not so fond of).  There are sprinkles and bits of other characters including Nate but the focus is on the girls.  Morgan despite her secrets is still the strong and determined pillar that I felt a pull towards in the first book.  Stephanie just never clicked with me but she is a well written character, her past that she can`t remember seems to be catching up with her.  

  The world is massively expanded upon in this one and you get more into the world that was left in the dark before.  Remember how I said I wanted answers well I got some of them.  Yes some and not all but you can't win them all right?  The Downs though a battlefield brings so much more of the magic of the world into the story.  How things generally work with the war and all of the sides involved work really comes into light.  Did I mention a massive betrayal?  There is more than what you see going on and remember to look beyond the surface as you read.

  With a change in writing style this book took me by surprise.  I was not expecting the multiple POV but those of you that follow me frequently know that I am a freak for multiple POV's!  Julie is an Indie that I throw my full support behind and will be vibrating with excitement as I find each new book in my hands.  If you get the chance pick these books up they are fresh, beautifully written and engaging from start to finish!

The feeling of searing flesh, the screams of her sisters, the certainty that they would all end-everything about almost dying at the hands of the townsfolk seized a part of Morgan's faith and wouldn't give it back. -Morgan

"...But then, you were never like me .  Never smart and cold, and resourceful.  I wonder why that is.  Perhaps you get it from your mother."
"I thank Dunn every day that I am like my mother and nothing like you." -Nate 

Nobody said anything.  Everyone just stood around silent as dead mice, looking a mix of angry and anxious.  Cecily stood like a pensive statue that should be inscribed with the words: Will possibly kill you if you pester her.

Blackness seeped from the Commanders' bodies, draining into the ground, instantly killing the rugged grass and spreading out in all directions, but heading directly for where Ameel stood and suddenly raised herself off the ground.

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