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{Blog Tour} CAPTURE by Brina Courtney- Review and Prom Post

As the highly anticipated second novel in the Cryptid Tales series, Capture is sure to satisfy the YA SciFi reader. This action packed story picks up right where Reveal left off with Shay realizing that someone she holds close may not be totally lost. But can Hugh, her cryptid mate, protect her from the evil Malsumis? Or will she fall victim to his horrible plans?
One this is for sure, Shay is in for the fight of her life.


Capture is an amazing and wonderful second book.  Normally I find myself left a little short with second books especially when you get as much change as you do in this book but not Capture.  I  find myself amazed yet again with the wonderful world of Cryptid's and the expansion upon what we knew from the last book.  If you haven't yet read Reveal I would totally recommend you get on it so that you can start this awesome read!! 

  We jump back into this series just in time to see Shay graduate and head out to Prom. However things are never just that easy are they?  The action starts from there when Shay and Hugh realize that they need to get out of there.  Taking their leave in a place that is supposed to be hidden from any prying eyes, they feel safer and begin to plan but how well can they defend against danger with only two of them?

  Shay figures it all out again and shows her continued strength.  There is strength in numbers and she recognizes this.  Lets face it her, Hugh and Emina just aren't enough to defeat the mass of people that Malsumis is bound to send after them.  Being the strong leader (even if she doesn't see it that way) Shay makes the decision to open up the safe house that they are at.  This may prove to be helpful or she could let the enemy in.

"I never considered myself a killer.  But when it comes to my friends
and family I would do anything for them."- Shay

  The new Cryptid's/Characters that are brought into this book seriously rock.  Normally it takes me a bit to adjust or like new people but Brina made it so easy.  There is Centaurs, Moth men, Elves and so many more.  My favorite out of all of these new people is Lacy (I am not telling you what she is).  I could honestly read a story just about her and honestly I hope when you read this novel that you tell Brina the same thing.  Lacy is strong and honestly in the end she really shows her true strength in more than just the battle field! 

"It's just that.  I look fierce.  Fierce doesn't make friends..."- Lacy 

  The romance between Shay and Hugh is still there.  Their love and affections has to be one of my favorite out there in the writer world.  It is so intense and yet it doesn't make the novel revolve around it, it more just inhances the story.  I can honestly say that I love that about it.  There wasn't a lot of Hugh and Shay in this book but I feel that is only because they have devloped so much as a couple and what they are to become.

"Surely you wouldn't think a gentleman like myself would take 
advantage of a beautiful girl in her time of need?"- Hugh

  Overall I have to say that Brina Courtney once again showed her brilliance with this novel.  The twists and turns that this novel makes only you want to dive further into the world of Cryptid's.  As far as being a second book goes this one is amazing and I have no real complaints to report and can not wait to see the next book!!   If Brina can make the second book just as good if not better than the first I have such high hopes for book 3!!! If you want an original read that will leave you wanting more this is the book for you!! 

Now I had planned on doing a Prom dress post for this but some events prevented me from 
doing it :( However I had what I would have seen as Shay's dress already picked out!!
If you have read the book please let me know what you think :) If you haven't
just let me know what you think of the dress!

Love it right?!

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  1. These books sound very interesting. I haven't read either of them so I am looking forward to all of it I guess! The prom dress you picked is very pretty. If I had legs like that I would totally wear it.


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