Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#YABookChat TONIGHT 9pm EST Tom Tancin & Giveaway!

I want you all to welcome tonight Tom Tancin and his new release
Hippocampus (The Atlantis Revolution #1)
Please check out end of post for a quick sneak peak at the book!!

An Island that Shouldn't Exist...
A Life He Didn't Know...
A Destiny That Can't Be Escaped

There was no turning back. We were going to set into motion a revolution that could either save Atlantis or leave it destroyed in the process.

Sixteen-year-old Trey Atlas' known life is a lie. While he was raised in Miami, Trey was actually born in Atlantis. Sent off the legendary island as a baby for his own safety, Trey is the only living heir to the Atlantean throne. Whether he likes it or not, Trey has to go back to his birthplace and accept his role as the Ruling Prince and lead the revolution to defeat the Knights of the Abyss. Otherwise, thousands of innocent lives and his true family legacy could be lost forever.

To give you all an idea of how amazing and fun  this book sounds I 
pulled this from Goodreads:

" In my honest opinion this book reminded me of a combination of Harry Potter, 
Percy Jackson and Eragon. Hippocampus has practically everything. It has sword fights,
 good vs. evil, sorcerers, and the Atlantean language."
-  Michael from The Bookshelf Review


At 28 years old, Tom Tancin is an accomplished author. Having already written seven books (and self-published three), Tom ventured out to write a young adult fantasy series. A fan of Atlantis, Tom decided to focus the series on the mythical island and then designed Trey Atlas, the sixteen year old protagonist of the series. He spent nearly three years developing, plotting, writing, editing, and promoting the first book, Hippocampus, before it was released on April 3, 2012. The series is currently planned to have four books, one released per year from 2012-2015.

Tom is also a 7th grade science teacher, an avid reader of young adult novels, and a fan of sci-fi/fantasy/adventure movies. He lives in Pennsylvania.

There will be a giveaway for an e-copy of Hippocampus tonight!!
It will be for a PDF, MOBI or EPub!! So we have you covered no 
matter what your e-reader is!!


Atlantis exists. Of course, you don't know this becauseit's hidden from our world. Eleven thousand years ago,the Greeks and Egyptians attacked Atlantis. In order to protect the island, Aruc, a sorcerer, created an illusionof the island sinking and then put a barrier in place to prevent outsiders from seeing or gaining access to Atlantis. But Aruc knew that the isolated island was notsafe forever. In fact, he cast the very prophecy that predicted the bleak future of the island. His prophecybecame known as
Profiteia ek Epanastasi
.From Blood of Evil and Blood of True A Boy is Born and this Prophecy DueFor When the Abyss Rises to Make Its Mark  The Savior is the Boy with Royal Blood Half Dark  The sorcerer then designed a plan that would ensure thesurvival of the island he loved. For thousands of years, Atlantis continued in peace and prosperity with no needfor the plan.Sixteen years ago, the Prince foreseen in Aruc's prophecy was born. Familiar with the Prophecy, andknowing that one day the boy would be needed to save Atlantis, the royal family sent the baby off the island toensure his safety in the world outside Atlantis. Eleventhousand years after it was created, Aruc's plan wasfinally put in motion. The Atlantis Revolution begins…

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See you at 9pm EST!!!

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