Friday, May 25, 2012

*REVIEW* The Stoker Sisters: Angels and Hunters book two by Kailin Gow

Torn... Between two sisters...mere rivalry has become deadly. Between two will be the key to redemption, the other will destroy them. The battle has begun... Angels and Hunters


  This book really isn't missing anything!!   It continues right off from where the last one ended and moves right on into more action.  The sisters are as different as they have ever been but now feel that they have a little more in common than originally believed.

  The romance is as twisted and intense as in the last book, if not more and I love every single moment of it.  There is now two guys in the picture but really there always has been hasn't there?  Each guy has his appeal but their intentions are completely different.  Both sisters feel strongly for both of the guys and sometimes it's hard to decide what one I like more.  Sometimes I am not sure who to trust to be honest.

  Sadie is just as sweet and naieve as ever but there is more to her.  With two guys in the picture and both seemingly reaching for her she will have to make a choice between the two.  That is about where my only minor issue.  Sadie's weakness and strength is her kind heart but it is easily swayed.  It seemed that only seeing the guy made her connection stronger and forget about the other.  In moments where she did think of the one she felt she truly wanted I felt like she justified it by being actually physically with the other one.  However her emotions are very human and I know I would be torn between the guys myself so who am I to talk.

  Alexis is changing.  She is still her strong, sexual self in many ways but she has a little more doubt in this book it seems.  So much seems to be going on and even someone as strong as her is bound to break.  Both of the guys she loves seem to be more pulling toward her sister and for someone that always gets the guy it's not easy to watch.  Despite everything I believe that she would do anything for Sadie and I actually grew closer to Alexis in this book.

  This novel was fast paced and I could not get enough of it.  The characters are interesting and the story is original, what more could you want.  From start to finish the book just drew me in.  Kailin has a way of drawing you in and absorbing you right into the story.  This one was no exception.  If you are a lover of Vampires and want something a little different this series is for you! 

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