Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LACRIMOSA Paperback Cover

Ok so as you all know (or should know) I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Now I really loved the
Hardback cover but this one.... Well really do I need to put words to it?  I am now torn
between two covers that I Love!!!
Now if you haven't seen my EPIC review of this book you can find it HERE.  Also here is a
little bit of info on Christine's books and where you can find her.  I mean I know you want to find
her right?! Just look at the cover and try to say no!!

Just Released:
LACRIMOSA - Book #1 in the Requiem Series (Compass Press)
“LACRIMOSA reaches out, grabs readers by the heart, and takes them on an emotional journey from the first page to the last. The last novel you’ll need to read to understand true sacrifice.” ~Elana Johnson, Author of POSSESSION
Available now
DIES IRAE - A Requiem Prequel Novella (Compass Press, Feb 2012)

“Dies Irae is the perfect introduction to Christine Fonseca’s Requiem series. The beauty of the words will tempt you, the tragedy of the story will break you, and the love, woven throughout like music through the trees, will haunt you for days afterward. Dies Irae promises a tale unlike any you’ve read before.”  - Ali Cross, author of BECOME 

Other Current Releases:

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  1. I haven't read this book, but I agree -- the paperback cover is AMAZING!


  2. I read this book and was part of this blog tour but I didn't know there was going to be a new paperback cover?! Looks amazing, very excited Christine is getting some notice, I really enjoyed this book =)


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