Monday, May 14, 2012

*REVIEW* The Poison Diaries: Nightshade by Maryrose Wood with The Dutchess of Northumberland

A dark, gothic tale of romance… and murder.The latest book in the grippingly dark series, The Poison Diaries.Our heroine, Jessamine, has lost her faith in the men she loved, and her innocence as well. She turns to the dark side and plots to kill her father, using his own poisons, before becoming an assassin, a poisoner for hire. Can she recover from her heartache and reunite with her true love, Weed? Find out in this thrilling story where poisons, darkness and horror are a part of everyday life, and love is the only cure.




  I am at a loss of words with this book.  Never in a million years did I expect what happened to happen.  This was a very intense book at times and seriously developed the characters to an entirely new level.  The first book left me wanting more and then this book just leaves you flat out needing more.  I really don't know where to start with the review as there are so many things that I was impressed with.

  Jessamine... Though I never believed her innocent or naive in the first book, I didn't quite expect her to develop to the point that she has.  Becoming sick and waking up without Weed by her side really was really hard on her.  To go from feeling like the love she had could never end to feeling as if she has been abandoned.  However some of the roads she takes and decisions she makes just blew me right out of the water.  Rash and confused she does many things that I don`t think she would have normally done.  There is so much driving her and at times I myself question how sane she really is.

  Weed has grown more than any character I think.  He now knows that he can`t just exist in one world.  His gift may feel like a curse but in so many ways without it he would be lost.  Bit by bit he realizes just what he needs to do to fight the evil that he now knows is tempting his Jessamine.  I did think that he should have done a couple of things differently but that is probably just me wishing for things to have gone more my way.

  The story itself is told from both Jessamine's and Weeds point of view.  I loved getting to see where they both were at and it really led to a well developed story.  There was a couple of times that I felt things got a little rushed and once I just wanted to move forward but those moments were really short lived.  The beauty of this novel was really in the dark and alluring romance that plays out as the pages turn.  You feel for both of the characters and at times wish you could just scream at them to smarten up!!

  I was in love with this series from the moment I open the first book and read the first chapter.  Nightshade has just made my feelings that much stronger!! With such a haunting and beautifully written tale you can't help but want more.  This series is original, intense and emotional.  I seriously recommend that you pick it up if you haven't already!!

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