Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bad Boy vs. Good Boy for #YABookChat + Last Chance for Giveaway!!

On the last #YABookChat our Love Triangle chat got going on the track of the
Right Guy vs. Bad Guy.  In so many ways we hope that the right guy will be the winner,
the one to win her heart.  Secretly we srceam, swoon and pine over the bad guy.  The
one that says all the wrong things and pushes the girl away.  Sometimes it is for her own
good and sometimes it is all a game.  The trouble is half the time we aren't sure exactly who
we want to win her heart and when we become sure we hope for him, argue with others
about the rightness of the choice and become determined that he is the only option.

So up for debate is who do you tend to go for?
Why the bad boy?
Why the good boy?
What makes you hope for one or the other?

#YABookChat start @ 9pm EST Wednesday!

Also this is your last chance to gain extra entries into the Pulse by Kailin Gow giveaway!
If you can't make it to the Chat there is a comment option for you :) If you come to the 
chat you can get your extra entries after you show up!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I had a great time last chat - I definitely plan on participating again.

  2. My fav love triangle is Dimitri/Rose/Adrian from Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead.

    I don't have any least loved triangle.I almost love all love triangles :)

    Thanks for the international giveaway!!

    Rafflecopter name - Rosemarie D

    1. I totally agree...has there ever been a love triangle not to love?

  3. I almost nearly hate all love triangles. Almost all the time because they are done wrong. The second guy who enters the love triangle never really has a chance to conquer the love of the main character because she is so in love with the first guy.

    I don't have a favorite one nor do I have a least favorite but I just remember the last one I read was in Hurricane by Jenna-Lynne Duncan. It goes like this: Girl falls for the good guy and second guy is the brother of the good guy. The second guy is like chanting "Kill her, kill her, kill her" so the girl is terrified of him and then he goes "Kill her, oh, I love you." Really? Where is the sense in that? It does not make sense. I think that is the worst type of love triangle where it just happens out of character.

  4. Depends on the character. Although if the "bad" boy is stand off-ish and plays the "I may or may not" be into you then I root for the good boy. Why waste your time with a guy who's playing hard to get? But like I said, it just depends on the characters.

    Wish I could come to the chat tonight but tonight starts the Mr's baseball playoff games. At what do you know... they start at 6pm pst. :o(

  5. I am almost always rooting for the "bad" boy. Normally I enjoy a love triangle when the guy I'm rooting for wins. Going to try and stop in for the YA chat tonight. This is a topic I love!

  6. When I was a teenager, and even into my mid-twenties, I was all for the bad boy. I loved the danger and spontaneity they represented. Now though, at 30, I must say that the bad boy appeal has diminished somewhat. I like the sweetness and honesty of the good guy. The earnestness. The desire to make a girl feel good about herself. To feel loved. There are the occasional bad boys that can still get me a little sometimes, though. I ain't that old!


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