Friday, June 29, 2012

CONTEST FEATURE FRIDAY! Dreams, Secrets and Summer Edition

This week I have some AWESOME contests for you guys!! I mean 
they are all awesome but these are my picks for this week.

From the ever wonderful Sparkles and Lightning
I love this blog!! Annabelle is another wonderful and HONEST reviewer.  She is
 not afraid to tell you how it is and run things the way she wants.  I tend to adore blogs 
with strong bloggers that run them and can't believe I only found out about this one about a 
month ago!!! Seriously LOVE!!!  Anyway she is doing a wonderful giveaway for Dreamless. 
Up for grabs is a SIGNED copy of DREAMLESS and signed bookmarks annnd 6 swag
 packs that include signed bookmarks! I do ask that when you go there READ the giveaway
 page.  It could be the difference between winning and loosing.  SERIOUSLY.  So go forth 
and enter this awesome giveaway!!


From Hippies, Beauty and Books... OH MY!
DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!! There is 12, yes 12 prizes.  I would like to mention
that each of these 12 packs have 3 books in them!! Yup you heard me right 12 prizes
and 3 books per prize!! EPIC.  Oh ya you need to go and see all of the great books
that said I am in serious NEED of pack #3.  Mermaid obsession lol.


This one is a little different than the rest.  Normally I post a link to the site and I will
give you the link but I am also going to post the rafflecopter right here!! This one I
am close to.
Now this has gone on all week and you don't have a lot of time to enter but the prizes
are amazing and Christine is amazing!! I would also like you to check out my post
for the secrets revealed blog hop!! Visit Christine's blog HERE to see all of the
TRANSCEND posts and the reveal. The rafflecopter thing will only do so much here
for you :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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