Saturday, June 16, 2012

*Review* BeSwitched Witch by Molly Snow

When the sassy black cat, Surla, ends up crossing paths with her ex-witch, the outrageous and hot-tempered Idis, it triggers again the curse of being BeSwitched.

Idis was supposed to be dead in a drawer at the morgue, and Surla was supposed to be having some bonding time with her new human best friend, Cathy. Instead, these two enemies are forced to get along or stay switched forever while in search for the last spell book... If only the curious and handsome new guy in school, Jax Morreau, would stop distracting Surla from their plan.


  This is such a fun series!  Book one was a bit difficult for me to start but this one was great right from the get go.  There was a lot of development with characters and an all around great and easy to read story line.

  This book kind of leaves Cathy behind.  Not that she isn't a part of it but it's more Surla and her witch Idis.  If you read the first book you know that the relationship between the witch and familiar is nothing short of shaky.  So switching the two up was kind of like shaking a champaign bottle.  You know it's going to pop but it's a matter of when.

  There is also a new cute guy in this book.  Well, really with Surla being in a human body was there any question?    Jax is kind of an out cast and not the popular guy though which is a nice turn of events.  It's not like he even tries or Surla tries to change him.  The two of them hit it off (as friends of course) despite everyone telling Surla what a bad influence he is.  Their friendship/relationship is actually easy to believe and follow.

  Being a MG/Young teen book there is actually some real life kind of situations thrown in there too.  Bullying and also the entire for every action the is a reaction kind of deal.    Not that I am making light of it but more that I am glad it is done like that.  I love when books, especially paranormal books kind of highlight things like that.

  With all the fun and mayhem this book is really a great read for anyone.  It's fast, easy and lite so it is perfect for a quick change or just a break from the normal.  There's no love triangles or catty best friends, just a cat and her witch and the things they learn on the way to becoming themselves once again.  I am very excited to have the next book on my reader so that I can find out what Surla is up to now!! 

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