Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ReVamped Reader Relay *#BastiansBabes UPDATE*

ReVamped Reader Relay is up and running!!!! 

So I figured you would all like a quick update and get an idea of what is going on
in the relay. These are our current readers in order of where it will go and who
has it!

1. Nichol F.- Ontario
2. Tammy H.- Ontario
3. Luna S.- Ontario
4, Marnissa D.- Ontario
5. Kristie M- Manitoba
6. Melina L.- Ontario

YAY for the awesome people that have signed up to be a part of this great relay!! Nikki is 
currently in possession of this book and we have hopes that it will soon go to Tammy!! 
If you would like a reminder of what we are relaying to win here it is: 

You can totally win your own copy of the book and other great stuff :) There is already a 
book plate in the package that is being passed around!!!! I just want you guys to know that 
you rock for being a part of this!!! If you know anyone else that would want to sign up just let me
know or spread the word and get us more peeps :)   After all the more the merrier!!

Just a few reminders as well:

1.  Please tweet, FB or blog that you have the book (tag me @Tiff_Mahaffy or @Ada_Adams)
2.  Keep some random updates of your adventure reading the book
3.  Post your review as many places as possible!!! We want to spread the love!
4.  Write a note in the book to Ada.  When all is said and done I will be sending this copy
back to her so that she can see all the people she touched with her book!!
5.  This is an honor system.  I trust you guys to follow the rules and pass the book on :) 

Points System:
  • 1 point for each group member that signs their name
  • 1 point for each city that the book travels to
  • 2 point for each state/province that the book reaches
  • 3 points for each different country
If you haven't signed up and want to please leave a way to contact you in the 


  1. Tiff - I hope you don't mind but I copied a lot of this post to put one up on my blog too in hopes of reach more people interested in the relay! I changed a bit of it, but a lot I kept the same since you are the main contact for our team. I might try to work on a team graphic this weekend if that's cool with you! :)

  2. I def want to sign up! XD Please contact me at tirnanog77(at)gmail(dot)com!


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