Friday, June 29, 2012

Secrets Revealed in the Transcend Masquerade Blogfest/ Cover Reveal

Welcome to my little secret reveal on the Transcend Masquerade Blogfest.  This is in 
celebration of the cover reveal of Christine Fonseca's TRANSCEND!!  I am excited in 
ways I can not even describe for this.  I want to invite you to click on the button above
and be taken to see what Christine revealed all week and the cover reveal post!! 
You can also check out all the other people that have some secret to reveal to 
all of you!! So for those of you that must see it now I bring you from the wonderful
Christine Fonseca the cover of TRANSCEND!

I KNOW WOW RIGHT?! LOVE and I mean LOVE this cover.  This is one that 
I honestly need!! I will protect it with my life hug it, pet it... Ok you get it right before 
I get any more creepy.  How can you not love this cover?!

My Secret Revealed

  I guess I can't postpone this any more.  Not that I am ashamed but more that it is hard to tell you all.  I mean it's not like I am secretly am a super hero or an alien from another planet...  No my secret is much more boring.  I am afraid of failing.  I mean TERRIFIED!!!  Like have avoided doing things because of it.  Now I am a believer that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and will support other people in what they choose to do but when it comes to me I always over think it.  Take this blog for instance.  Took me FOREVER to get it started and there are still times that I worry if I am doing it right.  Well maybe not right but more am I actually accomplishing anything.  Are people interested?  What could I do different?  What should I do different?  I would like to add that I do know that there is a few people behind me that would offer help at any time but I also hate asking for too much help.  I don't want to be like the needy/whiny heroines that drive me nuts.
  That said I do feel like I failed recently.  Many of you that follow me know that I did not start on the blog but as #YABookChat's host.  I want you to know that as I say this I am holding my breath and debating on deleting this entire post and taking it all back.  There will be no more #YABookChat for awhile.... *tear*  I love my chat LOVE it but as of late I have been finding it hard to get people to join.  My regulars have even become busy.  Letting go of this chat is hard.  REALLY HARD!  I feel in so many ways like I failed (even though the ever wonderful Ali Cross has assured me I haven't).  I want you all to know that I hope to bring the chat back some day and will do it for authors any time but the bi-weekly is done.  I am sorry to let you all down but I can't run a chat with no people there.  I am not strong enough.

  That said I would like to that you for listening to my rant/secret revealed.  I would love for you to leave a comment with a secret you would like to share.  If you don't want to share that's okay, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the cover of TRANSCEND.  Also don't forget to stop by everyone else's stop on this blogfest!! 


  1. You didn't fail. Not in my book. And let's do a chat together for the Fall launches of my books, yes??? YES! HUGS

  2. Amazing Post!! I totally heart you and anytime you need help you just let me know! I will be all over it :)

  3. Wait, there was a YABookChat?! OMG, how did I miss that? I would have loved to get in on that chat. I'm so sorry that it has been difficult to get people to it. If there's anything I can do to help just let me know. We never fail until we give up and as long as we're willing to take a hand up, we'll never fail. :)


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