Friday, June 15, 2012

Contest Feature Friday!!! So much AWESOME!!

I have slacked too long on sharing awesome giveaways with you guys!!!  It has been 
2 weeks!!  Do you have any idea how many great giveaways I have found in 2 weeks?! 
 A LOT!!!  Now I wont share them all this week (or I wont have any for next week) but 
here are a few:

 Brought to you by the Wonderful Krystal from Live to Read
There is no giveaway button but this pretty button is her blog button!  If you click on
it, it will take you straight to her BEA GIVEAWAY!!!  There is 5... YES 5 winners!!
Each winner will get to choose 3-5 books!! How epic is that honestly?!
It is only open to US/CAN so if you live in one of those places you need to head over
and follow her NOW!! Oh and make sure you follow while you are there Krystal runs a really
awesome blog!

Brought to you by Awesome Heather from SupaGurl Books
I love Heather's buttons!!! They are always so pretty!!!!  Anyway the lovely Heather
has reached and surpassed 500 followers.  She hosts some seriously awesome blog tours 
and is so much fun to talk to!! In this giveaway she has LOTS of awesome prizes!! These
prizes include boxes of books!!!!  Just click on her super awesome button and be taken 
away to some super awesome place :)

Brought to you by the BEAUTIFUL Evie from Bookish
This is actually the banner for Contemporary Fiction Month but it is attached to many
awesome giveaways!! As you can see Evie did team up with some other awesome 
blogger'sfor this.  When you click the banner you will be taken straight to the Hottest 
Upcoming Releases Giveaway!!! This giveaway features 1 winner but that 1 lucky person 
gets their choice of 3 EPIC contemporary books!!!  Make sure you follow the beautiful 
and sweet Evie while you are there and check out all her other awesome giveaways!!! 


That concludes this weeks Contest Feature Friday!! I also have some giveaways still active 
on the right hand side of the blog bar for some great book and swag that end soon!!  Check
 them out if you have time!  Also if you have a giveaway you want to share just post it in the 
comments!! I mean the more the merrier right?!  Plus it gives me more awesome people to feature :) 


  1. Thank you so much Tiffany!! You rock it girl

  2. Awwwwww... you are the sweetest!!! <3 muah, many kisses!!! And when will I see your gorgeous self? :) <3


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