Thursday, June 28, 2012

*REVIEW* Blood Burned by Kailin Gow

Kalina has returned back to Rutherford, but now there are more problems than before. The Consortium of Vampires has been destroyed except for one - Octavius - and the most powerful of vampires has been unleashed. This sets off the ultimate horror - one of the Greystone Brothers has been turned, and his love for Kalina has turned into a destructive obsession. Now armed with an unspeakable power and thirst, he has sent Kalina and the other brothers who love and protect her a shocking threat. And he won't stop until Kalina is his.

  WOW!! Okay excuse me while I try to wrap my head around all of this.  If you know me or even follow me you must know my love of Kailin Gow.  I am the biggest fan girl when it comes to her books.  This one actually blew me away!  There was so very much going on and so much that happened and I having such a hard time processing it! 

  Kalina may be home but things are far from back to normal.  She is back to trying to figure out who she is meant to love and trying to forget her one true love.  I know confusing right.  Well without ruining it for you completely, she knows who her heart and soul wants but that person doesn't seem to want her.  Talk about torn and heart broken.  That does not stop her from standing up for herself though.  It amazes me that every time I start a new book Kalina becomes a little more independent.  

  The Greystone brothers are still present even if they aren't all the same.  By not the same I mean one of them was forced to drink a vial of Kalina's blood.  In case you haven't heard of this series I wont tell you what that does but it isn't good.  Not by a long shot.  There is also the question of the feelings that each of the brothers have for Kalina.  Will they be enough to keep them all from turning on her?  It becomes the question of if love is really enough.

  Octavius is also back. *DROOL*.  I will full out say that Octavius is the embodiment of all things masculine.  I mean he beats basically every other man out (Chance from Fire wars is still #1).  He is trying to defend Kalina and keep the danger away being the only remaining vampire from The Consortium of Vampires.  He has lived many years and has a loyal following, is feared by many and wants nothing more than to just be with Kalina even if it isn't possible.

  This book was seriously the most intense one in the series thus far.  Some serious change happened and some BIG shockers as well.  Best hint you will get is that there is a big sacrifice and I had tears in my eyes and actually had to take a moment to regain my composure. I can't even express how much I love this fast paced, action packed series.  Between the emotions that fly and the drama that goes down I am not sure if I am proceeding to book 4 anxious or excited.

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