Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stuck In Books Read-A-Thon Fun!!

So with my TBR pile getting bigger and bigger all the time I thought I would try and join in 
Stuck in Books just happened to be having on for Friday and Saturday(today)!! I worked
Friday but today I am going to be super ambitious and shoot for 4 books!! I might get through
them and might not but I figured I should be prepared as I don't want to have to worry about picking 
anything out!! So here are the books I am going for (most likely):

Awesome books right?!  I know I should have read them before now but that is what this is all 
about :)  So wish me luck and hopefully I will finish them.  I plan on doing nothing but reading ALL

Oh and if you would like to join in just click on Stuck in Books and be taken there!! 


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