Friday, October 26, 2012


WELCOME!!  Thanks for stopping by to visit this weeks CONTEST FEATURE FRIDAY!! This is my way of sharing all of the awesome contests going on in the blogging community that I have seen/entered.  

This week I am featuring many blogs that do showings here regularly!
The reason behind that is not only do they have amazing reviews, interviews,
guest posts and more  but they always seem to have one or more amazing
giveaways going on as well!   So to sum it up these are awesome giveaways with even more AMAZING Bloggers!!!

Run by the ever beautiful and super sweet Evie.  Evie has
an amazing blog and is someone that inspires me and she also
encourages me.  She's a great blogger and almost always has 
a fun giveaway(s) going.  Plus the reviews, guest post & more
are EPIC!!   Right now she has her Shelf Cleaning Giveaway 
going on!  4 Boxes of books up for grabs and to top it off it's 
So just click the button and be taken away to Evie's Epic Giveaway!! 

Joyous Reads
Joy is my favouritest hoarder in the world!  I mean her book hauls 
are epic and beyond drool worthy.  To top this all off she has the most 
honest reviews and they frequently make me smile.  I have 
followed Joy almost since she started her blog and I will continue 
as long as she blogs!! Currently Joy has decided that she should purge 
some of her book surplus....  I was shocked to hear Joy had surplus
 but hey the result is Giveaways!  The first one is for the first 4 books
 in the Jessica Shirvington Violet Eden series!!!  Ya she had them 
shipped from Australia!! 
Click the pretty books to be taken to Joy's blog! 

Jean Book Nerd
OMG if you have never visited Jean's blog you have missed 
out!!!  She has a constant stream of reviews & giveaways
with authors that most of us know and love.  There's also some
that you may not know but totally should!!   So as much as I would
love to give you one specific giveaway going on right now I think you
should go poke around and see all the awesome stuff she has going
on right now (this includes giveaways).
Jean BookNerd
Once again click to be taken away! 

Chapter by Chapter
MaryAnn from Chapter by Chapter has been one of my biggest 
supporters since I started blogging!! Her blog run by her and her 
wonderful daughter Gabby is another blog that inspires me in 
many ways.  They have constant reviews and more!  Frequently
more than one a day <3  Right now there is many giveaways
going but most importantly the are celebrating their 
Blogversary!! Yup awesome isn't it?! So although there is like a 
million (okay like 17 but isn't that close?!) but I am linking you to
the Blogoversary because it's AWESOME!!!
You will be taken to the first week make sure you check out all
the awesome going on!!!

Well that is it for this week... Good luck and enjoy guys! 
Oh, if you have a giveaway to share post it below & share the 

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