Friday, October 12, 2012

Vacation Sharing Time :)

Normally Friday means Contest Feature Friday but due to holidays I am low
on giveaways to share.  So I figured I would share a little of my trip with you. I 
know it's not as awesome as the possibility of free stuff but Cuba has many different
charms and I have beautiful pics to share with you!!

This is where I sat my lounge on the beach.  So basically this is where I read most of the 
time and spent the majority of my time.  Hubby spent the same time but mostly taking naps
and such.  Isn't the beach beautiful!?  The water was amazing and I seriously love the ocean
so much!!

This is kind of a court yard type area that I LOVED!!  We mostly went here at night for the 
bands and entertainment and I should have taken a picture then but I totally failed and didn't!

There was mermaids EVERYWHERE at the resort!! I didn't clean this up yet but she was my 
favourite.  There is actually a pool that surrounds her <3  This was the kick back and relax
checking out the starts kind of place.

Okay I am not in Cuba for the food and for the most part I didn't pay much attention to
the dessert table but this was so pretty!!! I am sure I looked like a freak standing there snapping
shots of this.  I did end up trying this and well it was as awesome as it looked but it great!

Well that is my quick preview!! I am going to edit some pictures and hopefully make them into
a collage type thing and then I will totally share some more!!!  Sorry again for the lack of
Contest Feature Friday and I hope you enjoyed the mini glimpse at my vacation!!

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  1. OMG Cuba looks beautiful! SO gorgeous :D Glad you had such a great time there


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