Tuesday, October 30, 2012

**REVIEW** Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow

Briony had to move to Wicked Woods, Massachusetts to live with her Great Aunt Sophie after her family disappears on vacation. The woods at the edge of Aunt Sophie's inn is filled with secrets and inhabitants both seductive and deadly. Among them is a beautiful boy name Fallon who saves her one night in the woods. As Briony gets closer to Fallon, she learns he has a secret, as do most of the residents of Wicked Wood.

Release Date: November 25, 2010 
Published By:  The Edge Books
Paperback:  234 pages



  This was yet another fast and easy read for me.  This doesn't come as much of a surprise to me though as Kailin Gow never seems to disappoint.  Wicked is filled with things that you don't want to run into day or night.   Though I didn't find it overly horrifying there was definitely a certain creep factor that lay within the pages.  I mean living at the edge of the woods where your entire family disappeared holds a certain amount of creep to it.

  The story itself is both predictable and not.  I know confusing right but there are things that you see coming but there are a few things that really did surprise me.  The town was vivid and easy to see and become a part of and love.  Though the people are most oblivious to what goes on around them, I guess it is a case of people see and believe what they want to.  This made me want to pull my hair out a few times but I did kind of learn ignorance is bliss at times.

  Briony herself is a dream.  She is strong, determined and is willing to do what she feels is right.  She has lost her family but not her way and although to start she's a little freaked and panicked, there is still something about her that you can't help but feel drawn to.  Maybe it's the fact that she has been thrown into a completely different world from what he is used to yet she still pushes on.  Not only that but the fall from queen bee of the school gives her some startling revelations.  At this point she became more human, more relatable.  Time and time again Briony grew and developed and this is only the first book so I am excited to see how much further she will develope.

  The romance is going to be a love or hate thing I think for many.  There is definitely the makings of a triangle.  First there is Fallon he's sweet and genuinely seems to care for Briony but their relationship felt like a friendship.  Well it did to start but then it seemed to hit a fast forward button and they were saying the "L" word.  I was baffled but accepted what was until Fallon runs off.  Then Kevin steps in and though Briony is a little more hesitant with him.  The passion and tension that goes on between these two I much more desirable.  Both of these guys hold secrets and both want Briony but I am routing for Kevin.

 I am looking forward to picking up book 2 now and getting more Wicked.  Kailin Gow has created another fun read and group of characters that I want to follow.  Not to mention the action that happened all in the last half and the ending that seriously left me in wanting!  That is a common problem I have when it comes to Kailin, I always seem to want more.  The up side is that I have Shimmer on my shelf an will soon be tearing into it!


"... I tell you, Briony, my life got a lot easier the day it became possible to be ordained a minister over the Internet.  Also, it's kind of useful when we have couples come through looking to get married."

"I've got to be going. I have things I should be doing." "Chasing monsters, throwing wolves about and rescuing damsels in distress.""Laundry mostly."Well, presumably even heroic rescuers had to do that kind of thing sometimes.



  1. I am hoping to read this soon. great review!

  2. And I've never read a Kailin Gow book before! However, your review of Wicked Woods make me want to start reading her books. Great review, I think it fits perfectly to the book.

    Love the second quote! =D

    Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

  3. I haven't read anything by Kailin Gow, but I actually have this one on my Kindle. I love that Briony is a strong, great character. That makes me even more interested in this book. Thanks for the review.

  4. Kailin Gow is an author I really want to read. She has so many different series that I want to get them on my kindle once I get a new one. I like that she writes in a bunch of different genres too. Hopefully I can find the money somewhere to get a new one and get these books!


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