Friday, October 26, 2012

**REVIEW** Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

In the beginning, there was an apple—
And then there was a car crash, a horrible injury, and a hospital. But before Evening Spiker’s head clears a strange boy named Solo is rushing her to her mother’s research facility. There, under the best care available, Eve is left alone to heal.
Just when Eve thinks she will die—not from her injuries, but from boredom—her mother gives her a special project: Create the perfect boy.
Using an amazingly detailed simulation, Eve starts building a boy from the ground up. Eve is creating Adam. And he will be just perfect... won’t he?

Release Date: October 2, 2012
Published by:  Feiwel & Friends
Hardcover: 291 pages


  So total confession, I had this book pegged for something else for the first little bit.  Actually I was positive that I was getting into a dystopian or something along that lines when I picked this up and started it.  I was wrong.  Flat out this book is more less set in the present day.  Though I am not positive if it is now or a few years ahead.  This surprise although totally unexpected gave the book an edge that I'm not sure it would have had if it was what I had expected and I enjoyed it.  There were a lot of things that I didn't have as figured out as I thought I did that also added to   the allure of this read.

  Despite the fact that I thought the book was going to have some serious religion behind it due to the title and the apple stated in the synopsis, it didn't.  Actually the way the apple was worked in was really neat and I gotta say different.  The apple is there in the start and even at that moment things are moving.  The book is kind of a hit the ground running kind of deal.  I am a fan of books like that because they tend to hold your attention right from start to finish and you don't even realize until you hit the last page.  The only thing I can really say was missing was a little more detail with certain things but with a pace as quick as this some thing are bound to be left out.   

  Eve (Evening) is given the task of creating what she feels is the perfect person by her mother.  This is made out to be just to stop her from constant boredom and I think under it all give her something to keep her mind occupied so she doesn't ask too many questions.  The simulation is about genes and the different possibilities and seeing she is a teenager of course she chooses to make a guy.  Though her best friend is outgoing and experienced with guys Eve is a little more picky, so this is her chance to believe that she can make her perfect partner.  Eve isn't as simple as that though and learns about what is really going on at her mothers facility.  This leads to the choice to tell or not to tell.  I mean despite it all Terra is still her mother right?!

  Solo is yet another interesting addition to this novel.. As his name suggests he isn't really mister social but he is taken by Eve.  In fact the poor boy doesn't even really seem to want to admit just how much he likes her.  I really liked Solo for many different reasons.   He was mysterious to an extent, for awhile what he really had planned (though I thought I had a good idea) wasn't really known.  Also what part both him and his parents would play was much more than I had ever anticipated.  Though he is far from a  saint I think that he has noble intentions when it comes to Eve.  Even though he has some serious issues just showing it.

The world and the characters that are created within these pages are wonderful and well presented.  The writing duo behind this story did a phenomenal job with creating different and strong characters that will keep your attention and are not easily forgotten.  Even Aislin, Eve's best friend is wonderfully unique and completely unforgettable.  Everyone brought something different and important to this story.  Also be warned that this is about way more than genetics and creating the perfect guy.  It's about learning the truth about those around you and even learning things about yourself.  Finding out the darker secrets that you never imagined possible about the things you thought you knew.  Because how do you ever really know someone?

  Basically I overall loved this novel and can't wait for the next book.  Though I don't know how it will play out with how it all ended.  This is a fun and enjoyable quick read that you can pick up, submerge yourself in and come out a coup, hours later satisfied.   Despite the fact that the synopsis is a little misleading this is still a good read.  Fans of action and sci-fi alike will be able to enjoy this read.


Genetics.  I like genetics, the rules, the order.  My best friend, Aislin, says its because I'm a control freak.  Like mother, like daughter. -Eve

I make a mental note: When I'm putting finishing tweaks on his brain, I need to remember that a little hyperactivity might not be a bad thing.  Maybe some bundle of genes that will make him crave the outdoors. -Eve

I know a thing or two about project 88715, and its a whole lot more than some educational widget you threw together after a few bong hits. -Solo

Sure, Eve mentioned she was at the spa all day, but its two-something in the morning and the woman looks like she just stepped off the cover of Hot N' Scary Moms magazine. -Solo


  1. Huh, I had heard kind of mixed things about this one. I can't recall now what the sticking point was, but I'm always a little wary of books written by 2 authors. I like it when they write different chapters narrated by different characters, but I don't think this is one of those? Not at the top of my list, but I think I'll definitely check it out at some point. There are so many amazing books that came out recently.

  2. Wow, there are so many mixed reviews about this book I just don't know what to think. One day I might check it out, but I just don't know right now. Maybe when the sequel comes out, I might give it another shot.

  3. Cool review. I have read a lot of mixed reviews about this one. I thought the book was very sci-fi. I like the trailer you shared. :)


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