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*Interview* Jennifer Raygoza

These books seriously pique my interest.  I also really enjoyed her  outlook on 
reviews!! Welcome Jennifer! 

Gianna Botticelli is the daughter to a Los Angeles Mafia boss. Although content working for her father, she mentally struggles with her mother’s death—and life choices after her passing. But everything she knows will change when she meets the sexy, mysterious Caleb.

Who is he? What is he? How does he know things? Gianna finds herself struggling with her feelings for him—and the sacrifices she will have to make as Caleb introduces her to a world unknown. Will she have to sacrifice herself to save everyone and everything?

Sexy and entertaining, this book is for mature vampire lovers. I challenge you not to fall in love with Gianna and Caleb.

WARNING: This book contains violence, adult language, and sexual content.

It's been three years since I have turned, and I am not sure who I am anymore. I don't even know if I want to be what I have become. Is love enough to keep me alive inside even if I am dead? How can I find peace within myself when everything around me screams war and death? How will things end when one man holds my eternal love and another wants me dead? There is no end as far as I can see. It’s just the beginning because I can feel the darkness approaching. It wants me. It calls for me by name. I will keep on fighting until it arrives. The problem is, if I don’t learn to shut off my emotions I may just become my own worst enemy. Is it all too much, or not enough? These are the things a vampire queen, new mother and woman fighting with her past human morals must ask herself. I have one more important question to answer that could change everything. IS THIS REALLY WHAT I WANT?

The red jeweled necklace the coven called The Eye of the Queen sat right at my cleavage. I ran one finger over my pale skin and red lips as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Queen was my title, but I knew different. I was just a beautiful killer.

If one of your characters were to describe you, how would it sound?
They would say I am tall and cute. They would probably say I am crazy in a good way and that I am a pretty bad ass writer. Just kidding. I don’t know what they would say but I hope it would sound something like that.

What do you believe would be the 'perfect' writing conditions/place?

No distractions. Peaceful, maybe near a window overlooking a faraway ocean. With music playing in the background. A girl can dream, right?

You find yourself as the main character in your book... What is the first thing you do?
I am not kidding when I say this. Kiss Caleb. He comes off very charming. After that it’s time to kick butt. Obviously I have some bad vampires to kill. 

Who are some of your favorite Indie Ladies?
I have so many. Nadege Richards, January Valentine, Barbara C. Doyle, Atty Eve. The list goes on and on. I have never received so much support from the indie community. Everybody is really great with helping each other out. 

If you were able to write a book with anyone who would it be and why?
Wow. I don’t know. I have never really thought about writing a book with someone else. I literally have share issues when it comes to responsibility. I like doing everything myself. 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree... What one of your characters is most like you?
Gianna. The lead female character. She is a lot like me when I was a teenager. Spicy attitude and doesn’t take anything from anybody. 

Do you look at reviews for your book(s)? Why/Why not?
Not as much as I used to. I try to check in on them from time to time. I think you can learn from them when writing your next books. We all get bad reviews from time to time but you can’t always please everybody so we as writers need to remember that. A book review is simply an opinion not the end of the world. I do love seeing the awesome feedback and sometimes you learn that you touched someone in a way. 

Give some advice to the aspiring Indie Ladies out there...
DO IT! Write it. There is so much support out there because we have all been there in every stage that there is for writing. Put yourself out there and see what happens. No accomplishments happen through fear. 

About Jennifer

Jennifer Raygoza was born in Riverside, California. She attended Fullerton College with a Major in Psychology.

She lives with her husband, and two children in Corona, California. The Guardians is my first book. I am currently working on Part 3 of the series.

"I have always wanted to write a book that readers would love. I spent a lot of my High school years writing poetry, but never had the nerve to put a story down with pen and pad. I hope everyone enjoys the story as much as I did writing it"

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  1. Vampires, violence, language and Sexual content .. Everything that makes a great book lol. I like to read Vampire books but sadly not many peek my interest but this one does. Sounds like a good plot with lots going on!


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