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*Review by Kellie* Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy by Brittany Oldroyd

Thanks to Kellie we have another wonderful Indie book review!!! I am so glad she
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Release Date:  July 2, 2013
Published By:  Tate Publishing
Length:  312 pages
Review Copy:  Paperback, from Author for honest review

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When seventeen-year-old Nissa leaves at her father's insistence, she believes the trip to Idari will be a short one. But when she meets a young dragon exile, Edgeshifter, her life is thrown into chaos. Along with danger and mystery, Edgeshifter brings word of a legend as old as time itself. Nissa is forced into an adventure she isn't sure she wants. With only Edgeshifter and her heart to guide her, Nissa must embark on a journey full of destiny, danger, and legend. Her quest will require her to prevail over the shadows covering the land and save both the elves and dragons from ultimate destruction.
Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy is the story of a young princess's journey to become a true hero and follow her heart.

Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy, is Author Brittany Oldroyd’s first novel. The dragons and the elves of Segolia have been at war for what seems like an eternity. With no end in sight, few see a solution. The few who do, hold on to the prophecy of the “one” who will come and save both the elves and dragons from destruction. The question is, who is the “one”? Nissa is a 17 year old princess, she is rather reserved and has always been protected by her parents, King Alistair and Queen Serenity. Unfortunately for Nissa, her dear mother has been gravely ill for three years now. The illness is unknown, but one thing is certain, she will not survive. Upon the passing of her mother, her father, insists that Nissa travel to Idari, in hopes that she can enjoy life again. Though reluctant, Nissa does as she is told, knowing that it is what her mother wanted for her—to move on with her life. So, Nissa travels to Idari, and visits her best friend Prince Rylan. Upon seeing Rylan for the first time in three years, she is accosted by both old and new feelings for her dear friend. That must all be put on the back burner, however, when Edgeshifter, a young Dragon, yet old friend of her father’s interrupts a party at the castle and reveals all to Nissa. Nissa now has a choice, she must either choose to follow her destiny or simply ignore it, which would lead to the eventual destruction of both races. Nissa must find a strength in herself that she never knew existed, because the fate of all the land now rests upon the shoulders of a gentle 17 year old.

While reading Segolia, I was at first taken aback, regarding the many perspectives used to tell the story. I expected the story to be solely about Nissa, however, this was not the case, which was both a positive and a minus. The minus being that I wasn’t able to fully connect to the main character, Nissa. In fact, it was Edgeshifter, the dragon, whom I most connected with. She was both a character of strength and weakness. Her strength was her defiance when faced with an obstacle. She was dedicated to ensuring the fulfillment of the prophecy, despite the pushback from her own race. Despite the risk of exile and possibly death. Her weakness (which is a positive), was her inability to turn away from those in need. That weakness was used against her early on in the novel, a choice which perfectly defines her character. The story is also told from the perspectives of Rylan and Deepclaw (Deepclaw is the brother of Nissa). There was even a chapter dedicated to King Alistair. I did enjoy everyone’s perspective, and the way in which they viewed Nissa. However, I wanted just a little more insight into Nissa’s “world”, how she felt about certain revelations and occurrences.

Oldroyd did a fantastic job creating the fantastical world of Segolia. A world in which dragons possess the ability to change into elven avatars. Such uniqueness is always appreciated in the realm of fantasies. Segolia deals with both the cruelty of people and the kindness of people. It is a story of hope and trust. Each character not only had to learn to trust in one another, but they most importantly, had to learn to trust in themselves. Which at times, may sound simple, but is truly a challenge when faced with life changing circumstances. So do read Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy and appreciate the journey of self-discovery of Nissa and her allies. 

“I broke into sobs, bowing my head. After all this time, she was gone. My mother, Serenity of Lissinau, Queen of Broen, was gone.”

“Then Edgeshifter, the Lightwanderer,” he declared, using my whole name. “You are hereby exiled for treason.”

“Then I say Rylan. He scanned the garden, searching for me. His face was whiter than snow. I could see his fingers trembling ever so slightly. His eyes were full of terror. I was stunned. Rylan was never afraid, as our eyes met, he relaxed but only a little bit. I stared back at him, my heart still pounding. King Stefan spoke to Edgeshifter, but I wasn’t paying any attention. Rylan crossed the distance between us, taking me in his arms.”

About the Author

Brittany Oldroyd has had a passion for writing since middle school, where she began to write Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy. Since then, she's experienced many trials that tested her determination, including a truck fire that destroyed all of her work. Like her characters, she believes in dreaming big and never giving up. Her plans for the future include going to college and getting a degree in English. Along with her passion for writing and reading, Brittany has a love for night skies, music, and watching thunderstorms. She lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, where the people and the land continue to inspire her.
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