Monday, March 17, 2014

*Speed Interview* Adrianna Davis + Giveaway

Welcome to this New and promise filled Indie!!!  I am so happy to
have Adrianna Davis on the blog today <3

Sapphire Marie Baker has a secret. One that is tearing her apart. She needs to get it out, but is worried about being shunned by her friends and family. Can she find the strength to discover who she is? Or will the secret kill her?

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A collection of poems that explores the soul and takes you on a journey.

This is a collection of poems that explores the mind and thought.

1.  Thing that you just could not write without.

My laptop! I’m horrible at writing on paper. My ideas flow best staring into the illuminating screen of my laptop in bed in the middle of the night, or, annoyingly, in the middle of class!!

2.  Moment that you wish you could have been a character in a book.

Hmmm… Probably when Neville Longbottom turned into a complete bad-a and went on a serpent killing spree!! Way to go, Nev!!

3.  Favourite writing place.

My bed. I really can’t write anywhere else. I write best in bed and again, in class, which both are annoying because my bed is for sleep and class is for learning and when the mood strikes and I start writing neither of those things happen and it’s frustrating. *shrugs* C'est la vie.

4.  What you do when you get writers block.

I read when I’m blocked. Chances are that I will get unblocked. Not always though, I was blocked for a few years until I had my heart broken, that really helped. (Though, I don’t recommend it as a way to get unblocked, unless you are a masochist.)

5.  Snacks you keep handy while writing.

I always have to have a Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, or water. It depends on if I’m feeling healthy or not. Sometimes I have raw veggies or fruits, sometimes I have candy bars and cheesecake. :)

6.  Character that you think you could be friends with.

Hermione Granger (or, ya know, EVERYONE from Harry Potter)

About the Author

Adrianna Davis is a 21 year old writer. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and 2 step children, and is working towards a degree in Creative Writing at the University of Central Arkansas. Adrianna has been writing since before she was 8 years old. Her main goal in life is to help others in any way she can, especially through writing. 

Find Her:

2 lucky winners will get an e-copy of Discovering Fire and its stunning cover
thanks to the wonderful Adrianna!! 


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