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*Review* Stealing Promises by Brina Courtney

This author is dear to me because she was the first author I ever reviewed 
on this blog.  She knew I was knew and she took a chance on me and honestly
I am beyond grateful for that because she has never failed to amaze me!!

Release Date:  December 19, 2013
Published By:  Author
Length:  --
Review Copy:  mobi., from author for honest review

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  Promises are made to be kept, never stolen. But that's exactly what happened to Victoria Blane and Levi Manor. Tragedy strikes their perfect relationship leaving Victoria struggling to overcome the darkness that threatens to bury her.

  Brighton Hanley knows what it's like to lose someone. He knows what it's like to be haunted by things that can never change. When he meets Victoria he recognizes the pain she's trying to bury deep in her eyes. He knows she's trying to hide, but he also knows that you can't hide forever.

  Victoria is drawn to Brighton in ways she never expected. But is she ready to let go of the past and grab on to her future? Or will she run away from Brighton before she can be hurt again?

  Brina Courtney is a brilliant author and Stealing Promises, is a stunning and heartbreaking read.  You are pulled through such intense emotions and left wondering how anyone could ever deal with loosing like Victoria did.  Your heart will break, expand and pull every direction.  This book is like the great romances you see on the big screen but with the impact emotionally that only a book can carry.

  This story revolves around Victoria and her all consuming love for Levi.  When I say all consuming, I do not mean obsessed, but a love that you have for someone that seems to complete you and just feels right.  They have known each other forever and it seems that they are just meant to be.  However, when it turns out that Levi was not Victoria's future, everyone is torn.  Honestly I was torn because a love like theirs is meant to survive and give the rest of us hope.

  Though it is hard at times, I particularly enjoy the honesty of how Victoria dealt with the loss.  She did not just say "It happens," and simply move on.  She felt broken, she was broken and didn't feel she should live with what she had lost and why.  Even when presented with someone that had dealt with a great loss himself she didn't just spring on it.  Every step she took was calculated and was a risk at times.  I am not sure I loved Brighton like I did Levi but then that is a lesson as well.  You can never love the same but you can love just as great in a different way.

  Stealing Promises is proof that one moment, one heartbeat can change everything you know.  Courtney has without fail created something that shows you not only the after but the before.  The before is often something mentioned but not something we see the character live through and here we do.  That in itself make this story unique and easy to adore, proof that love can never die and that sometimes moving forward is the hardest step.  If you enjoy contemporary reads and love something that touches your heart, do not miss Brina Courtney's Stealing Promises.

  They had their fair share of sexual encounters of course.  There had even been a few boys before Levi if Victoria was being honest with herself, but none of that mattered anymore.  The only person that mattered now was Levi.  He was everything to Victoria.
  "Victoria!  Look at me.  I'm not doing this just for my own benefit you know."
  "I know.  And if you really want to know I've thought about dying ever since Levi left!  It makes sense to me."

She looked away, "Promises can be broken."

He squinted at her. "Then don't make me promise. Let me show you."

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  1. thanks for the review! you made me want to read this book :D


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