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*Mini Interview* Rachael Brownell

HOLY!! I need these books.  Look at the cover to A Secret Life and tell
me that it isn't shelf candy!!  Not to mention the awesome synopsis!!
Welcome Rachael!!

“I think you and I were meant to meet. I think all of this was supposed to happen. You are my destiny.”

She never thought that her life would be this complicated. Or this dangerous. Running from her past, Kat and her mom end up in a small Colorado town when Kat run’s directly into her future. She changes everything about herself to try and blend into the background, to go unnoticed. She pushes everyone away and erects walls around herself and her heart. As hard as she tries, though, Kat can’t seem to escape the pull that Cam has on her.

Cam has never been so intrigued by anyone. Not only is Kat the most gorgeous girl he’s ever seen but also the most mysterious. She’s hiding something and he’s hell-bent on finding out what it is. The only problem is that she’s trying to shut him out which only furthers his determination to get close to her.

When Kat learns that her past is catching up with her again she has to run, leaving Cam, and her broken heart, behind.

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For five years Becca has been struggling to hide her feelings for her best friend, Brad. Now she finally has a chance to move on. She’s in a new city, she’s attending a new school, and she’s met the first guy besides Brad who’s held her attention in a long time. Not only is Ethan attractive, he’s an amazing tennis player, and he might just be Becca’s match on and off the courts.

Brad has loved Becca for as long as he can remember. Now that Becca’s family has moved two thousand miles away, Brad may finally be ready to lay his heart on the line and do whatever it takes to hold on to Becca.

But is Brad too late? Or will Ethan’s secret drive Becca back into Brad’s arms? Torn between her love for Brad and the promise of something new and exciting with Ethan, Becca has an almost impossible choice to make, the choice between letting go or holding on.
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“Look in your heart Becca and tell me that you don’t love me and I will walk away but I need for you to say the words cuz I know that deep down you love me as much as I love you .“

Becca’s life has always been complicated when it’s come to choosing between the love of her life and her best friend. Her decision was simple in the end: she chose to keep them both in her life. That is, until Ethan is offered a job on another continent. Does Becca move on in her life with Ethan or is she unable to give up Brad once and for all? The decision is made for her but once she realizes that the wrong decision was made she attempts to right it.

Then tragedy strikes close to home. Will Becca finally realize who was meant to be standing by her side or will she come completely Unglued?
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Describe the perfect reading space.
It has to be somewhere cozy – My favorite place to curl up and read is in a chair with a fleece blanket and my kindle. My couch is great but I like to box myself in, tuck my legs up and snuggle with the blanket. 

Give a quick description of the main character in your book.
Holding On series: Becca 

Becca is your average high school girl who happens to be an all-star tennis player. It’s always been a defining part of who she is, of her personality. She’s used it as a crutch to hide her feelings from herself about her best friend Brad but when she gets hurt and then moves across the country, she is forced to reexamine her life. Now, she’s seeing Brad from a new perspective and she’s confused about how she feels and what she wants. 

A Secret Life: Kat 

Kat is probably my favorite character that I have created. She’s unique in the fact that she wants to be ordinary but she is far from it. She wants to fade into the background and she tries everything she can think of but it only makes her stand out more. Her beauty is unable to be hidden, even behind the horribly bitchy attitude that she’s trying out. She’s fun, she says what’s on her mind and she doesn’t hold anything back – except her secrets. Her secrets are what define her and she’s running from them. She’s running from herself. 

You are given 30 second to pitch your book... Go...
Holding On: It’s high school all over again – teenage angst. You take a ride through the ups and downs of friendships and relationships through Becca’s eyes. You watch her struggle, you watch her succeed and you remember what it feels like at that age. You remember what young love feels like. It warms your heart. 

A Secret Life: It’s about a girl who is running from her past. We’ve all tried to keep our secrets hidden but keeping hers hidden is the only thing that will keep her alive. When she meets Cam she falls in love with him instantly even though she tries to fight it every step of the way knowing that her secret may eventually tear them apart. When her world goes into chaos again she’s forced to leave him and her heart breaks. But that’s not where their story ends…

Have you ever had a bad case of writers block? How did you manage to get out of it?
I had writers block when I was writing book 3, the final book in the Holding On series. It’s written from Ethan’s perspective and I am 100% female in how I think and act. It was a real challenge. I finally decided to put it aside. Then, I started to watch the way the younger guys that work for me acted, listened to the way they spoke. One day it just clicked and I started typing and the voice in my head was all male. 

This or That 

·Chocolate or Coffee? Hmm… I can’t live without coffee (at least a pot a day) 
but what kind of chocolate are you offering? 

 Physical or ebook? Depends. I have a shelf full of paperback because I LOVE the smell 
of them and there is something that is extremely gratifying about seeing my work in paperback
 form. I prefer to read on my kindle, though. Most of my paperback are “collector’s items” 
since they are signed. 

Apple or Orange? Apple – I have a thing about seeds

Bad Boy or Good Boy?  If he’s yummy, I’ll take either. Seriously,
 I am partial to Marines (not a shock since I’m practically married to one)
 so I would have to say Bad Boy.

About Rachael

Rachael Brownell was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she currently resides with her boyfriend and son. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University where she studied Advertising and Public Relations.
In 2005, Rachael met the love of her life, Jeremy. Then, in 2007, they welcomed their only child, Nicklas. When her son started Kindergarten, Rachael found that she had extra time on her hands and decided to try her hand at writing again, something that had been a passion on hers for a long time.
In December of 2012, Tate Publishing picked up her first book, Holding On (Holding On, #1). It will be released 12/3/2013. In July of 2013, Tate Publishing picked up the sequel to Holding On, Unglued (Holding On, #2) and is planning to release it in the late spring of 2014.
When she’s not working, building Lego’s or writing her next book, Rachael enjoys scrapbooking, photography and is an avid reader.
Find Rachael

2 Lucky winners will get something from Racheal!! One will win an e-copy of
A Secret Life (INT) & the other will win a PB of Holding On (US Only)


  1. I agree that cover is beautiful. All of these sound great, I don't know why I haven't read them already! I am really interested in A Secret Life - Kat sounds like a fun character to read :)

    1. Thanks. Kat was a fun character to write. - Rachael Brownell

  2. I love the sound of these books and Rachael did great with the 30 sec pitch. She had me at angst! lol


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