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**Review* Overfalls by Sutton Shields + Giveaway

Sutton is all kinds of awesome!! I fell in love with her writing and characters
almost instantly!!!  She creates beautiful books & she herself is as beautiful on
the inside as she is on the outside!! 

Release Date: July 17, 2013 (e-format only)
Review Copy: Paperback, gifted from Author                          (she ROCKS)


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Unlike most high school seniors, Marina Valentine isn’t sweating college (she’s outlawed from even applying), the prom (she has her dream date…possibly), or graduation (though surviving to rock the ill-fitting gown is iffy). No, she’s a little preoccupied with succeeding as a walking myth post-graduation. So, when Marina awakens as the one and only Siren Savior, she thinks the tide is about to turn on the merbitch’s mer-psycho family. Unfortunately, she has issues with her flighty Savior powers, and the timing couldn’t be worse. For with the arrival of a feared foe, comes the promise of a disastrous year…and that’s an understatement.

For years, mythological beings have awaited the fulfillment of a mysterious prophecy involving Merpeople, Normals, an epic clash, and a wish that could forever change one group’s destiny. But the real trouble begins when an assassin known as The Dealer starts sending her cryptic messages written on potentially lethal playing cards.

The Dealer makes one thing very clear: someone Marina loves will die. Now, she must find The Dealer before he (or she) finds his victim. But with everyone either a suspect or a target, how will Marina be able to uncover the truth before time runs out?

Not even the Siren Savior in all her power can prepare for the devastating answers.

  You know I love Mermaids and Mermen but this author has pushed me over the edge in love with basically every character in this book!  Sutton Shields obviously places much of herself into her characters and it shows.  I did not think that my love for this series could get any bigger but it did.  The world the lays between these covers is extraordinarily crated and Shields only added to the previous read with this one because there was no need to mess with perfection.  

  The plot thickens in this book and so does the mystery.  There is so much going on and so many people that you know you shouldn't trust in this one.  It's hard not to fly through the pages trying to figure out where exactly the betrayal is coming from and who really knows what.  It also now it seems that the Imperia may be tied into it all.  Seriously because poor Marina didn't have enough on her plate.  I know that nobody thinks that the Imperia knows what is going on but why in the heck of it would some of them seem so on the Merps side if they didn't know a little something, something.  To almost top it all of, the Overfalls is a tournament that is meant to unite the two species but sadly with corruption seemingly now not only from the Merps but the Imperia as well... well lets just say there is non stop action every time there is a match.  Oh, I almost forgot the little detail of someone trying to kill Marina and/or her friends.  Ya, life could not get easier for these guys because every time they think they have the basics under control it blows up on them.  From the very start there was something fishy going on (no pun intended) and it takes until virtually the last page to figure it out and even then I was floored and never expected a a moment of it.

  Marina is becoming more and more one of my favourite characters ever.  I love this girl to death for so many reasons but mainly because she just seems so real.  Hell she is supposed to be the saviour of the very thing that makes her gag reflex the weakest and yet she doesn't go all better than you.  She doesn't even develop crazy skills right off the hop, she more so has to develop them and as she does her findings are rather amusing to say the least.  At some point I expected her to do the huge leap from no clue to being able to do it all but Shields cleverly had training for Marina throughout the book, this made all the progress realistic and enjoyable to watch.  I also love the faith that she has in her friends and Troy.  She is not a selfish leader, does not believe that she can do it all but knows that her friends have strengths and abilities that she quite simply does not.  She is not perfect and messes up from time to time, freaks out when normal people would be losing their crap and gets angry.  However, she is also reasonable and thought there are times that she has jumped to conclusions, that does not mean she can't listen to reason either.  There is also the constant humour that you get from her that is free flowing and thrown throughout the entire book.  Basically what I am telling you here is that there is nothing really bad to say about Marina and you should just love her.

  So, I am starting warm up to Troy.  There are still many moments that I just want to smack him upside the head and tell him what a complete idiot he is but I am warming up, he is Marina's boyfriend after all.  The thing is now not so much that I don't trust him but more that he needs to smarten the hell up.  Yes you have a demon side and yes when it comes around it wants to kill your girlfriend but do you really have to go all emo about it?  You knew that there was a possibility of it rearing its ugly head and so did everyone else because they were trying to train him to use it.  I admire his need to keep Marina safe but he also needed to recognize the fact that she changed him in many ways and could kick his ass is need be.  This however is also kind of a saving grace in the romance department.  Due to the fact that Troy is kind of... well I'm having a hard time finding the right word but his insecurities and indecision really make the romance true.  He helps everything not be all rainbows and butterflies.  This is not saying that the two don't have heated moments and something solid but there is always the reality of the situation and Troy to keep it from being perfect.

  The other bonus to this book that I found was that you really got to know all of the friends and what they could do.  Last time around they were for the most part incapacitated and you only got a taste of them.  With Overfalls they are there and with training more than I ever thought that they could be.  Polly freaking cracks me up with her demons, especially her Christmas demon and her snark is matched by nobody.  Some of her comments about the new girl Gully had me laughing like a mad woman but in her defence the girl beats me out for flighty!  Meikle, her attitude and attachment to her bag crack me up.  She is no ray of sunshine but she is freaking awesome! I could honestly go on and on about all of the other characters because to me there is no small role for the characters in this book but I don't want to drain the fun for you and ruin the excitement of learning for yourself.

  Overfalls was better than book one and that is saying a lot because I loved the first one.  Sutton Shields has crafted a Mer series that will forever remain in my favourites pile.  Her world and characters are done with such detail and personality that you will not be able to resist turning the pages and begging for more!  I personally would like book three as soon as possible but am learning (or trying to learn) how to wait for things.  You know good things come to those who wait and all.  I highly recommend this read to those that love unique characters, creative worlds, a different plot and mers.  Oh and you should read book one first because everything will make more sense that way!

  Oh, save me.  Mom just bit her lip, winked, and gave the horn-ball angel the 'come hither' finger.

  "Right.  Wonder if I can get a bumper sticker that says: 'Proud parent of stone-stealing mermaid Savior with a gagging problem."
  Doctor Tenly studied the windows for a moment.  "Possibly.  I'll look into it for you."

"Sorry, honey," said Troy, grimacing at my gagging.  "Afraid the smell is a package deal with the living dead fish-folk."
  "It's   actually   GAG   completely   GAG   fine," I said, trying to steady the gagging.

On the way, something kind of hilarious dawned on me: my powers work like finely woven silk when I'm horny.  I will not be sharing this newfound knowledge with Doctor Tenly.  So, what does this mean?  I can control my powers when I'm hormonally out of control?  Unreal.  Only me.

Book 1

Take a fish-phobic girl, divide her by one hot merman, add a splash of his crazy ex-merbitch, and you get one stinky school year.

Sixteen-year-old Marina Valentine is a rule-stretcher in an uptight Texas seaside town. She’s hormonally challenged, curious to a fault, hates fish, and has a dating resume that makes the queen look like a slut. It’s not that guys don’t ask her out. They do. She just has an unfortunate reaction to dating—uncontrollable gags. It’s not exactly a turn on.

One by one, her oddball friends start disappearing—much to the joy of the snobby high school royals—and Marina fears she is a walking bull’s eye. Inquiries into their disappearances lead to startling, gag-worthy discoveries. Toss in an increasingly inconvenient attraction to one of the royals—who holds the key to solving the mystery…in his fin—and it’s an anti-fish girl’s worst nightmare come true. Soon, Marina finds herself at the center of a looming underwater war that’s really going to play games with her love life.

As time closes in—and the Merpeople officially come out of the ocean—Marina must choose between the lives of her friends, the future of an underwater utopia, and the life of her first love. There’s just one problem. Where does a love-shy, fish-phobic, non-mergirl even begin…especially when her enemy may be the one person she trusted above everyone else?
Check out my review HERE

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About the Author 

I'm a dreamer, believer in the unbelievable, and author of The Merworld Water Wars series, FINNED (Wave One) and OVERFALLS (Wave Two).

Hook (pun totally intended): "Take a fish-phobic girl, divide her by one hot merman, add a splash of his crazy ex-merbitch, and you get one stinky school year."

I'm a handbag-loving gal who LOVES to watch sports--football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, you name it. I take being a fan very seriously. ;)

One thing I love most is trying to make people smile, even if it means making a fool out of myself (trust me, my inner idiot is bound to make multiple appearances).

I have a completely irrational fear of grasshoppers, worry that piranha may secretly lurk in lakes, and try to find the bright side in everything, even if I annoy myself doing so.

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Thank you to Sutton for ROCKING & donating a SIGNED copy of both of her
FANTABULOUS books & some swag to 1 lucky INT winner!!! 

Good Luck!


  1. I'm glad you liked this one so much, and better then the first! It's hard to find a series that the second one is as good or better then the first. Yay! Great review, thank you :)

  2. Would love to read these, thanks for the chance.

  3. Sounds like a great book. I love the mythology in it :)

  4. Looks like a really nice book, thanks for the post and the chance to win it :)


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