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*Review* Pulled by Danielle Bannister +Giveaway

So I was lucky that Danielle sent me all three books because after this one... I 
NEED to read the others!! There is no arguing this Indie has got talent <3

Release Date:  September 9, 2011
Published By: Author
Length: 232 pages
Review Copy: Paperback, provided by author for event

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Naya Adams has given up on feeling loved. A walking cliché, Naya lost her parents in a freak car accident at thirteen and has been living with her detached foster 'adults' ever since. When Naya enrolls in one of the most respected theatre programs in New England, she is more than eager to trade in her pain for the spotlight. College would finally be the fresh start she'd longed for.

Unfortunately for Naya, her high school boyfriend, and abuser, Seth, tags along, trapping her in the cycle of tarnished love.

Accustomed to emotional numbness, Naya enters her first acting class, unaware of what was waiting on the other side of the door: her Twin Flame. Rarer and more intense than soulmates, Twin Flames search for centuries looking for their other half. It is in another student, an olive-skinned and terribly scarred sophomore named Etash, that Naya will discover what being loved really means.

Although they both try to resist each other, their bond is ultimately too strong. Together they'll learn that this is not the first time they have been pulled together, nor will it be their last.

But how will her abuser react to Naya's new flame?

The Romeo & Juliet of Twin Flames.  Beautiful & Tragic! 

  Danielle Bannister blew me away with this beautiful and tragic read.  Right from the get go her writing pulled me in and would not allow me to remove my eyes.  However, I also got more than I had bargained for.  yes, it sounds like a sad yet beautiful story, but you never quite understand the depth until you begin the journey that the author has set before you.  With Pulled it was far more than a surface story and it became bitter sweet and heart pulling.  You will find yourself tangled up and pulled in before you even fully grasp the depth of the story.

  Being 262 pages, there is not much room for parts that drag on in this book.  Heck, I think that the plot leaves no room for disappointment and slow because of the need for movement.  The need for Naya and Etash to gravitate to each other.  Despite the instant connection, they tried to avoid and deny it.  Both of them with something hurtful in their past that makes them want to remain numb to the feelings that seem to now almost make their choices for them.  I loved that the author gave these two their own pasts and reasons for trying to pull away but it is actually what brought them together.  People say it is your past that makes you who you are in your present but what they never mentioned is that maybe it is also what gives you the people that you meet in the future.

  Kaya, is exceptional but she suffers from the belief that she must deal with what Seth offers or be alone.  She has been controlled by him for a good deal of time and it goes beyond that.  I wanted at times to call her weak and dislike her but the fact of the matter is sometimes you become numb.  You lose yourself in the numb and the pain you are handed is your relief from the numb.  However, that did not make her weak, it made her human and in need of help.  Kaya wanted more and wanted to feel and when she finds her escape she takes it, she takes her life in her hands.

   I think Etash is my favorite (or among my favorites) when it comes to the non bad boy love interest.  Something about him made me, instantly pulled to him myself.  Maybe to start he came off as the withdrawn bad boy but honestly he wasn't.  This guy has not had life easy and though he has more than Kaya, at the same time he doesn't.  He has made himself numb in a different way than Kaya, closing himself off from any belief that he may be able to be loved by another person.  His life is like a beautiful, yet tragic dance that breaks your heart and traps you in its beauty all at the same time.

  Danielle Bannister has created a new addiction for me.  Knowing that I have the next two books in my possession and yet can't pick them up yet is killing me in ways that I can't explain.  Even finishing this review I can tell you that there is so much that I can't tell you, can't write down without spoiling it all.  The writing is wonderful and the plot purposeful.   I highly recommend picking up Pulled and falling in love with Kaya and Etash, while embracing the tragic that will tear you apart.

  Now that she's sitting right next to me, I'm somehow hyper-aware of everything about her.  The ram-rod way her back is pressed against her chair, the sound of a fluttering wildly in her chest, her midnight black hair moving gently across her shoulders.  But it's her scent that's killing me. -Etash

  After a minute, I try to stand up again but my legs are wobbly.  My stomach knots itself into a tight ball.  Clearly something is wrong, but I know that it's not with me: it's her.  Something is wrong with her. I can feel it.  -Etash

  Ignoring all reason or thought, I find my legs moving towards him as he makes his way to me.  I need to rip off his blindfold and look into his dark eyes and soothe him.  I need to reach out and touch his hand to let him know he has found me.  But just as I am about to reach out to take his hand, his finds mine, and in that instant, the pain is gone, and I am undone. -Kaya

  My eyes open wide with shock, but he's serious.  I look back at the dorms, where I know Seth is waiting for me, and decide for once, not to invite the pain.  Staying with Etash tonight will only postpone the inevitable, but perhaps after a night of rest, I'll be strong enough to endure what is yet to come. -Kaya

 YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Seriously there is nothing
not to love and this series is pure addiction!!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful story, and I'm looking forward to reading it.


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