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*Review* Blood Crown by Ali Cross + Giveaway

I thought it appropriate to start Indie Girl March with the lady that helped
give me the courage to start blogging!!  Welcome Ali Cross!!!!

Release Date:  February 20, 2014
Published By:  Novel Ninjutsu
Review Copy: eARC for event in exchange for honest review

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Serantha is the daughter of the Emperor of the West, who rules over the remnant of humanity who escaped a dying Earth and took to the stars a thousand years ago. With no habitable planets found during their exile, the android Servants who were supposed to care for them rose up, took the name of Mind, and murdered her father. Now the androids amuse themselves by forcing humans like her into mindless drudgery. But flashes of memory hint that Sera is no ordinary human.

On the other side of the galaxy, Nicolai, Son of the East, has abandoned his crown and joined the rebel forces in the war against the Mind. Humans have no real chance... unless the enhanced DNA developed by the Blood Crown scientists can unlock mankind's potential. When Nic and Sera are united, they discover their true potential--and together, humanity just might have a chance. But there's a legion of androids and nine years of mistrust between East and West... and coming together will require more than they ever expected.

  Brilliant and masterfully written, Blood Crown by Ali Cross will blow your Mind!

  I have been a fan of Ali Cross since long before I started blogging.  There is just something about her writing that I love and her ability to make me love her characters is amazing.  Blood Crown is not something that I would normally dive into with such excitement.  I am on an average day hesitant to pick up any book that is sci-fi and though I have enjoyed some in the past, it still makes me nervous.  Knowing Ali Cross wrote this took a measure of that fear away and within the first couple of chapters, the fear was gone.  Blood Crown was like nothing I have read before and I quickly became eager to finish it and find out what happens.

  The pacing with this one was amazing.  There was not a single plateau in the book and I easily cruised from start to finish.  It's like the movie that has you on the edge of your seat waiting for what is going to happen next.  There is just so much to love, honestly.  The fact that they are in space does not take away from the vividness of the scenes.  Cross created something unique in the ships and in Sera, that gives everything something more, something that will help you grasp some things a little clearer.  In the end I wished that I could live on the ship with them because it was seriously amazing and I was envious of their room and bed!!  I was also amazed at how well the multiple point of views blended and gave just enough information, keeping everyone tied together and the story in the right direction.

  Sera was really something else.  She was honest above all else and though I don't believe that everyone will see it that way, it is the way I see her.  She had moments that she thought of doing what was best for her instead of everyone, and who wouldn't when you are treated as she had always been.  There is no shame in thinking of yourself but Sera did do the right thing and think of others but it is clear as to why she has these debates.  It is what separates her and her uniqueness, from the androids and the Mind that believes humans are not worth the air that they breathe.  I loved that she felt honest and true.  Would I say that she was perfect?  HELL NO!  There were times I wanted to smack some sense into her but I also have to step back and think if he had made things easy I would have wanted to kick her.  As far as I am concerned Sera raised a wonderful amount of emotion and response from me.

  The romance is there and not.  The chemistry is there but for the longest time Nic was an idiot.  However, this should not really surprise me as he is a boy (sorry guys but 9/10 of you seem to avoid the smart romance decision) and something inside of me rebelled against his selfishness.  There is much that I did understand when it came to Nic but much I didn't.  I understood him not telling Sera who he was off of the hop but when it became clear she remembered why not tell her everything then?  Yes, I can be reasonable and know if he had the book would have been shorter and not as awesome packed but still he could have avoided so much trouble!  Sera was also slightly resistant when it came to being Nic's bonded but she had always taken care of herself and did not really want to feel like she couldn't be okay with herself any more.  Admittedly the way things end between them felt right and I couldn't have been more happy, I believe that Cross made it one hell of a romantic roller-coaster to get there.

  Blood Crown was nothing short of wonderful and proved what a talented author Cross is.  She has made it clear that there will be no genre limits when it comes to her writing.  I have so much respect for an author that can make me love a book as much as I loved this one, and in a genre that I tend to avoid normally.  If you are a sci-fi lover this book is a MUST for you and if you are like me and normally avoid it...  Well I still highly recommend that you give it a try because really it is that good!

About the Author 

Ali Cross is a ninja novelist with a black belt in awesome. She lives in Utah with her kickin' husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, one sumo dog and four zen turtles.

Ali writes middle grade fiction under the pen name Alex Banks.

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Ali is AMAZINGLY generous and has donated 2 Signed copies of Blood Crown
to 2 lucky US/CAN winners & 2 e-copies for you INT peoples!!

Good Luck!


  1. I'm also am a fan of Ali Cross. I agree, there is something about her writing that I just love and I love the pacing in her other books. She's just knows how to write an amazing book! I look foreword to getting my hands on this one, it sounds just as amazing as her other :) thank you for the awesome review.

  2. I am a huge Ali Cross fan, everything she writes is AWESOME!!

  3. oooh I really want to read this, and I've heard great things about Ali Cross. Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  4. I can't wait to read this book, I've seen some amazing reviews on it!!

  5. I haven't read anything by Ali Cross yet but Blood Crown sounds like the perfect place to start. Everything about this book sounds so awesome.

  6. I just stumbled on the blog tour for this book tonight and got super excited about reading it - it's very much like what I normally read. Went to add it on Goodreads and discovered...apparently I already had ;) Soooo, somehow I knew about it and then forgot... but that's okay, now I'm happy to be excited about it for the second time! Glad to hear how much you loved it. Oh, and I didn't realize that you and Ali had started #YABookChat together - that's awesome! Not to mention, I LOVE this whole Indie Girl month you've put together, it's fantastic to see you celebrating all these amazing women!


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